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Privacy Policies:
Foundation to Wellness(FTW) recognises the importance of protecting the privacy of our client’s and customers personal and financial information. By visiting this website (collectively, including all Content available through the http://foundationtowellness.com.au/ , https://portal.ftwellness.com.au/ & https://foundationtowellness.square.site/ domain names, You signify Your assent to these policy rules. If you do not agree to any of these policy rules, then please do not use the http://foundationtowellness.com.au/ , https://portal.ftwellness.com.au/ & https://foundationtowellness.square.site/ websites.
During your visit, we do not collect any personally information about you such as name, address, phone number, or e-mail address unless you make a purchase or fill in a Connect form. However, http://foundationtowellness.com.au/ , https://portal.ftwellness.com.au/ & https://foundationtowellness.square.site/ obtain some types of non-personally identifiable information such as the Internet Service Provider you use to connect to the Internet, your IP address and browser type, or the type of computer operating system you use (Macintosh, Linux, Windows, for example). The information is used for the purpose of generating reports for our own personal use to enhance future visits to our website

Clients and Customers:
Foundation to Wellness(FTW) believe that protecting your valuable personal and financial information is a significant responsibility. Strict policies implemented at  Foundation to Wellness and with our affiliates ensure that  Foundation to Wellness(FTW) and Affiliates do not pass on subscribers’, customers’ or clients’ names, addresses, email addresses or any other personal information. All financial information is destroyed after any contract is ceased Foundation to Wellness(FTW) does not retain any financial information, only personal details you have supplied to enable us to pay you your entitlements or process your purchase through us, as most of purchases made from  Foundation to Wellness(FTW) are made through Square® those purchases are protected by Square®‘s secure system..
When you register with Foundation to Wellness(FTW) you give us your consent to treat your personal data in accordance with this online privacy policy and for the purposes described below. 

Copyright Disclaimer: 
All Intellectual Property (IP); sound recordings, videos, lyrics, poetry, and affirmations purchased on this site are for the sole purpose of Personal Use Only upon purchase. You are permitted to purchase and reproduce copies of your product for your own use. You are Not permitted to distribute this content or provide copies to others. If you require a licence to distribute, stream or use this material in a commercial or professional environment, you can CONNECT WITH US about licencing options.

How Foundation to Wellness(FTW) use your personal information.
Personal information given to  Foundation to Wellness (FTW) will be used to register you with our website and/or subscription database, to administer our website services and/or to process any orders you may place online through our web stores. Foundation to Wellness (FTW) will send subscribers updates by email and/or post only if you give us your permission by submitting your personal details. Otherwise, we use your information only to review our performance and to improve our subscriber and online services, or to communicate with you about your online orders or bookings. 

Confidentiality Agreements:
Foundation to Wellness(FTW) treat all their Confidential Information as the exclusive property of Foundation to Wellness and the Confidential Information of all Clients as the exclusive property of the artist during all agreements and the obligation will continue even after the termination of the duties of all agreements.  Foundation to Wellness(FTW) will protect all Confidential Information relating to the Clients , as will the Clients agree to protect all Confidential Information and property of  Foundation to Wellness (FTW) and take reasonable steps to secure custody of all Confidential Information. The Clients will strictly not disclose any confidential information to any other person or establishment without written consent by an approved Director of Foundation to Wellness(FTW).

Compliance with Policies and Laws:
Foundation to Wellness(FTW) may from time to time may alter or vary policies and procedures according to new updates, law alterations and or reasoning relating to its business, and or agreements when required and when all parties agree on the terms selected. Information about  Foundation to Wellness policies/procedures, additions/modifications will be provided to you prior to an agreement made. It is  Foundation to Wellness(FTW) policy to comply with all legislative and regulatory obligations and to operate in a professional and ethical manner.