April 3, 2018

About the Founders

Amber Van Haastrecht and Anthony Henry

Amber and Anthony passionate about helping others and have established a grassroots Wellness Centre catering for people in the Cities of Rockingham & Kwinana.
Registered as a sole-trading partnership and operating as a Community Focused Organisation with a unique approach of blending professional & lived experience; delivering evidence based conventional practices & alternate therapies.

‘Foundation to Wellness’ ABN: 68294757840

Together they offer various Services, Wellness Products & specialising in delivering Programs suitable for individuals, small groups, community & staff development; promoting Positive Mental & Emotional Wellbeing, Community Connection & Positive Relationships.
Focusing on positive Self-worth, Self-care, Stress & Anxiety Management, Mindfulness, Creative Music & Sound Therapy, Relaxation, Meditation & Yoga.
Amber & Anthony can help you create your personalised Wellness Plan by instilling confidence building techniques and life skills, while helping people build resilience and a strong foundation resulting in a more Balanced & Happier life.

At ‘Foundation to Wellness’ we understand there is a need for some people to be able to reach out and get emotional support in a safe open environment; a ‘Safe Space’. Specialising in Suicide Intervention, Alcohol & Other Drug and Other Addiction Prevention & Support
Providing limited Services by appointment only for Brief Consultations, Interventions, Support, Advocacy & Referrals through our ‘‘Open Space Connect Support Service’

Along with their extensive qualifications and their lived experiences they endeavour to actively participate in continual Professional Development in the areas of Mental Health, Suicide Prevention and AOD.

Foundation to Wellness are involved in a number of partnerships with;  

  • Lead Organisation in the Rockingham/Kwinana LDAT (Local Drug Action Team), which is involved in the planing of Alcohol and Other Drug Preventative Programs for the community.


  • Committee members of the LDAG- Local Drug Action Group Rockingham /Kwinana


Amber Van Haastrecht Counselling, support and educating people has been her life-long passion for over 20 years. Her own journey began studying and practising as a Naturopath 20 years ago then going on a couple of years later to do additional study as a massage therapist then continuing to establish her own Natural Therapy Centre.
In both of these professions she was dealing with not only the physical issues but emotional situations for many clients. Amber then went on to lecture at TAFE and a private tertiary college for many years, delivering both registered training programs as well as compiling her own training workshops.

Her desire to assist people grew where she gained experience with home visiting services and parenting support through various organisations with additional mental health qualifications.
Following this she decided to pursue further studies in Counselling and follow a dream of helping people on a deeper mental and emotional level.
She enjoyed this immensely, especially seeing each and every person she worked with grow and progress on their own journey.

Amber has a passion for working on relaxation and meditation music, where she has found this has benefits for both Health & Mental Health.
She utilises music, sound frequencies and positive words/affirmations to help alleviate stress, anxiety and pain, while enhancing wellbeing and relaxation.
Now in her 40’s, she is currently lecturing classes in community services and specialising in program facilitation, seminars, workshops and community mental health projects.


  • Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Continual Yoga teacher training
  • Level I, II, III & Master Course in Mindfulness
  • Diploma of Counselling
  • Cert IV in Community Services (Specialising in Mental Health Stream)
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • SUICIDE TO HOPE – Aiding Recovery & Growth Postvention Suicide (LivingWorks)
  • ASIST – Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training Certified (LivingWorks)
  • SAFETALK – Suicide Training (LivingWorks)
  • Certificate in De-escalation Skills
  • Provide First Aid Certificate
  • Holds a current working with children’s check
  • Cert IV in Training and Assessment TAE
  • Diploma of Naturopathy
  • Diploma of Massage
  • Partner Yoga Teacher Certification

Amber is dedicated to attending continual professional education training, acquiring further certificates in Mental Health and the AOD fields.
Amber has completed 3 months’ work placement at Passages Mandurah – Youth Resource/ Support Center for homeless youth,
supporting homeless youth with Mental Health & AOD issues by providing referrals and advocacy.

Anthony Henry has chosen to use his own lived experiences and life story to help others make positive changes in their own lives after turning his own life around after a long struggle with addiction and mental health . With a commitment to working in the area of Mental Health, Suicide Prevention and Alcohol & Other Drugs, assisting people struggling with these issues. He has a passion to help others find the skills to increase general Wellbeing & mindfulness, providing confidence building techniques and assisting in building a solid mental health foundation for a happier life.

Anthony has researched and has come to the belief music/sound from ancient times has and can be used as a therapeutic technique for many health benefits especially mental health.
Anthony has been surrounded by mental health issues his whole life, become involved with substance abuse at the young age of 15, experiencing years of struggles and dealing with substance dependency, suffering from depression and anxiety. After becoming involved with some older peers at a time in his life where he was vulnerable he made choices as a young teenager which almost ruined his life before the age of 19. This led to a time of imprisonment due to his actions and being unaware of the consequences of his choices due to effects of substance abuse.

Anthony had many life changing experiences coming from a history of addiction and mental health issues, during his roller coaster of struggles with life,  he found some techniques to help strengthen his mental health and wellbeing and free of all drug and alcohol dependency.   Anthony has supported youth for over 25 years, being actively involved in coaching and mentoring in community sporting groups, while being a proud father of 3 teenager/adult children and also a role model for his Step-Children. With a calm and empathetic nature and a caring approach to others, he is well spoken with great personal and communication skills.

Anthony has always been actively involved with community issues and was responsible for acquiring planning and development for projects including the Kwinana skate park from the age of 14, to prompting negotiations for ‘Safety and Operational Guidelines’ with the Western Australian Government in 1995 for Rave and Event promoters at the age of 18.   With a lifelong passion for the Arts Industry especially the area of Sound, with many of his projects working with the development of young local Artists; he launched youth Workshops for local Artists in 2017. He is dedicated to providing an outlet for people to express their feelings and experiences in a creative and safe environment, mentoring and providing support.  

Recently he began researching the universal language of sound, investigating the power of sound and it’s effects on the body and mind with subjects like, Solfeggio Frequencies, 432Hz, Binaural Beats and the Art of Cymatics, while exploring the beneficial properties of sound. Cymatics is a visual way to explain how sound frequency effects the human body & mind, which is made up of 70-80% water.This technique uses Sound Frequency to create natural patterns in Water, sand etc (matter), which is a great tool to connect to people and explain the positive effects of music and sound.


  • Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Level I, II, III & Master Course in Mindfulness
  • SUICIDE TO HOPE – Aiding Recovery & Growth Postvention Suicide (LivingWorks)
  • ASIST – Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training Certified (LivingWorks)
  • SAFETALK – Suicide Training (LivingWorks)
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Certificate in De-escalation Skills
  • Provide First Aid Certificate
  • Holds a current working with children’s check
  • Partner Yoga Teacher Certification
  • Diploma of Sound Production (SAE Institute)
  • Cert III in Technical Production (SAE Institute)
  • Cert III in Micro Business Operations

He is a passionate Sound Designer and Producer, the Owner/Operator of WAVE8; a Sound Production Service.
He has continual contract work on many Music and Theater projects at Wesley College in South Perth, working with the staff and students.

Anthony is dedicated to continual professional education and training, acquiring further certificates in Mental Health and the AOD fields.

He is a passionate Sound Designer and Producer, the Founder of WAVE8; a Sound Production Service, which he has recently signed over to his son Owen Henry.
Now in his 40’s, Anthony is dedicated to continual professional education and training, acquiring further certificates in Mental Health and the AOD fields and providing talks of his lived experience to students and the community, specialising in program facilitation, seminars, workshops and community mental health projects..



People within our complex and diverse society are lacking true human connection and positive relationships becoming further disconnected from themselves and their community. Many have low self-esteem, little self-belief/worth and are missing the resilience needed to deal with life’s challenges, creating an ever growing demand for support. With a System that is generating or increasing more of the very problems we are trying to fix, we are at a point where something has to change, we have a belief this very change needs to come from grassroots community lead programs.
Society as a whole has become full of many distractions, with many expectations and stresses placed upon us in a fast pace world. The internet and especially social media although with it’s benefits has become an ever growing problem for some in our community, creating isolation from real community connection; creating a dysfunctional social network which seems to be spiralling out of control; leading to a decline with the general mental health of many.

With the decline in our societies Mental Health, some people turn to substances or harmful habits to help cope with issues or trying to escape their reality or environment, while continually searching for happiness. It’s within our DNA as humans to want to feel connected to others and have interactions that are based on emotions. We all wish to have our voices heard and are in need of an outlet for our feelings and expressions. We require passions, tools, techniques and resilience to keep our mental health and lives balanced. With self awareness, mindfulness and self care, we can achieve a more balanced lifestyle to relieve stress & anxiety and allowing  ourselves to relax in an ever busy hectic world; enabling us with the ability to have strong connecting; positive & respectful relationships…


Amber and Anthony are Certified in