April 6, 2018

Therapy Services

Looking for Alternative Holistic Therapy Services facilitated by authentic practitioners?

Located at a unique Holistic Wellness Centre & Specialty store 30 minutes South of Perth in the coastal town of Rockingham Perth Western Australia.

Amber and Anthony (A&A) are passionate about helping others and together they offer a range of Alternative Therapies.

They are intuitively guided when providing a holistic blended of professional & lived experience.

Intuitive Crystal Energy Work

Intuitively guided Crystal Energy work with clearing and balancing methods  incorporated. Working with the clients Energy field, the Chakra Systems, and Crystal Energy within the sessions.
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TranQuil Sound Therapy ©

We offer a range of options for your customised experience:

Positive Affirmation Journey with the Chakras

  • The Affirmation Journey (Tribalism Sounds)
  • Sound Resonance Journey (Sound Only)
  • Guided Meditation Journey with Live Sound Experience
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Light Touch Somatic Energy Therapy™

Light Touch Somatic Energy Therapy, is a form of body work that incorporates light pressure micro-movements, holding points and gentle myofascial techniques.
Intuitively guided energy clearing and balancing methods are incorporated. Working with Sacred Geometry, the Chakra Systems, and Crystal Energy within the sessions.
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Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is a natural form of Energy work where hands are placed on or over areas of the body to promote feelings of wellbeing.
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Crystal Massage Therapy

This Massage is intuitively guided using a selection of Crystal & their Energy to enhance the benefits of the massage within the sessions. These sessions are a relaxation massage for Neck, Shoulders & Back. (Not Remedial or Deep Tissue Massage)

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Mindful Meditation Groups

Experience our Small Group guided Meditation / Sound Sessions in the ambient atmosphere of our sanctuary, surrounded by the grounding energy of all our radiant crystals 💫
These sessions are limited to 6 people and will go for
1 hour & 15mins , consisting of;

Enlightening Minds ® – Holistic Guidance  & Couples Guidance

  • Support, Advocacy & Referral Services :
    Brief consultations 1st Session FREE By Appointment Only
    (20 Min Interim Support Sessions)
  • An in-depth and Holistic approach to your spiritual, emotional, mental & physical wellbeing.
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