The Magical Journey – Kids Guided Meditation Sound Files


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Kids Guided Sensory Visualisation For Relaxation (Recommended for approximate ages 3-10 years old)

Be guided on a magical journey through the sand dunes, rainbow slide, enchanted forest and outer space.
Catching colored rain drops and bubbles from the sky meeting friendly animals and elves along your way.

Spoken word visualisation story infused with relaxation frequencies, Sound Creation Earth Gong, Singing Bowl & Chakra Drum


Kids Guided Sensory Visualisation For Relaxation

  • Use for Relaxation / chill out time during the day
  • To help children relax for sleep / bed time
  • Contains calming music to help relieve stress and anxiety
  • Contains short positive confidence building phrases
  • Suitable for children with sensory sensitivities


Download Contains 5 Files:

  1. Introductory to the Journey
  2. The Magical Journey
  3. Relaxation Space Journey
  4. Front Cover Artwork
  5. Back Cover Artwork

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