‘AA’ & ‘AAA’ Grade Custom Made Premium Hand Crafted Crystal Necklaces

Hand crafted crystal necklaces, these are unique, hand made pieces with no two pieces the same.

If you are looking for something in particular or see something you like but want to change the chain etc. just connect with us to find out how we can accommodate you.

We can custom make your piece to suit and will attempt to source specific crystals from our wholesalers.


Connect with us to get a quote on your own custom made necklace


Just a few of our available Crystals: (Quality varies with  ‘AA’ & ‘AAA’ Grade Pieces Available
Can’t see what you are looking for here? We will attempt to source specific crystals from our wholesalers.)


Green Kyanite Blades (Arusha Region – Tanzania)

Blue Kyanite Blades (Rough – Australian)

Mookaite – Mini Slice Smooth (Western Australia-Indigenous Healing Stone)

Amphibole Quartz(Angel Phantom Quartz)

Super Seven Crystal (Rough & Polished Points)

Tourmaline – (Rough & Polished Raw)

Pink Tourmaline

Selenite Blades

Pink Lemurian Quartz Points

Tangerine Quartz Points

Clear Quartz Points

Smokey Quartz Points

Green Calcite -Mexican (Rough Pieces)

Amethyst (Rough pieces & Rough Points)

Black Obsidian (Rough Pieces)


Rose Quartz

Lemurian Quartz

Lithium Quartz


Amber Honey Calcite


Black Onyx

Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye – Blue/Gold

Blue Tiger Eye

Dragon Stone (Blood Jasper)

Rainbow Jasper

Mookaite (Western Australia-Indigenous Healing Stone)

Muggle Stone (Tigers Iron) – Tigers Eye/Hematite/Jasper



Black Obsidian – Spear Shapes

Shiva Lingam (Tumbled Shape)

Lava Stone

Available Wires: (Colour may vary on digital monitor or device, depending on resolution/screen type)

We have a range of vintage & antique Copper, Stainless Steel & Stirling Silver wired; ‘A’ & ‘AA’ grade crystal pieces; with a range of necklaces ranging from hand made neoprene, polyester & Hemp cord, copper, stainless steel, rose gold mixed with copper & sterling silver.