June 30, 2019

OpenSpace Connect -Support Services

Interim Support Services for Individuals & Connection Groups


At ‘Foundation to Wellness’ we understand there is a need for some people to be able to reach out and get emotional support in a safe open environment; a ‘Safe Space’.
Specialising in Suicide Intervention, Alcohol & Other Drug and Other Addiction Prevention & Support.
Providing limited Services by appointment only for Brief Consultations, Interventions, Support, Advocacy & Referrals.

We are a Safe Space for those who are seeking some support and guidance and offer an Open Environment for discussion:

  • Mental Health
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Applied Suicide Intervention
  • Aiding Recovery & Growth Postvention Suicide
  • Connection Groups (Peer Support)

Come have a cuppa and a chat with Amber or Anthony
(or Both of us, the choice is yours)

Advocacy & Referral to Support Services :
Brief consultations for interim support – 1st Session FREE By Appointment Only
(20 Min Interim Support Sessions)

Any further session costs will be determined by financial evaluation.

‘Connection & Wellbeing are a key in assisting with the prevention of Mental Health, Suicide, Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) and Other Addiction related issues in our Community.’