June 30, 2019

OpenSpace Connect – Support Services


Due to current World Events our Interim Support & Counselling will ONLY be available Online through ‘Zoom’ Video Conferencing & Facebook Messenger.

At ‘Foundation to Wellness’ we understand there is a need for some people to be able to reach out and get emotional support in a safe environment, where we pride ourselves on our values : Connection, Awareness, Empathy, Inclusiveness, Diversity, Collaboration, Gratitude
Amber & Anthony are equipped to provide Interim Consultations, Support, Advocacy & Referrals through our ‘‘Open Space Connect Support Service’ a unique approach of blending professional & lived experience; delivering evidence based conventional practices & alternate therapies & modalities.

We are a Safe Space for those who are seeking some support and guidance and offer an Open Environment for discussion:

  • Mental Health
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Applied Suicide Intervention
  • Aiding Recovery & Growth Postvention Suicide
  • Connection Groups (Peer Support)

By Appointment Only:

Open Space Connect Interim Support Services

  • Suicide Interim Support & postvention
  • Advocacy & Referral
  • Support Services 

    Brief consultations for interim support – 1st Session FREE 
    (30 Min Interim Support Sessions)

Any additional sessions will be at a cost assessed on individual cases; for anyone on a Health Care Card or experiencing financial difficulties, we can discuss other alternatives, determined by financial evaluation.

We acknowledge there is an ever growing demand on services with long wait lists, too many conditions on accessing these services and many people can be overwhelmed by the structure and clinical nature of some of these services.

Sometimes people just don’t know where to start when they are looking for help. We are here to Advocate for those who need that helping hand and may not feel they currently have the confidence to connect with services or we can provide you with the information to connect with other Organisations/Services yourself.

We can provide interim support, with brief interim consultations and Advocacy for those looking for assistance, with some of Services assessed upon individual needs and financial position.

We are here to help guide those seeking the best available support, with our aim to help you discover the best holistic approach to maintain your own wellbeing, through our community programs.

Additionally Amber & Anthony are equipped to offer Holistic Counselling & Life Coaching through

        An in-depth and Holistic approach to your wellbeing with Holistic Counselling & Life Coaching.