May 30, 2020

Light Touch Somatic Energy Therapy™

‘Light Touch Somatic Energy Therapy’ ™

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Light Touch Somatic Energy Therapy

Is a form of body work that incorporates light pressure micro-movements, holding points and gentle myofascial techniques.
Intuitively guided energy clearing and balancing methods are incorporated. Working with Sacred Geometry, the Chakra Systems, and Crystal Energy within the sessions.

Light Touch Somatic Energy Therapy has been created by Practitioners Amber and Anthony after many decades of experience and both working with clients and teaching within the massage industries.

May assist in:

  • Relaxation of the body and the mind
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Easing muscle tension and pain
  • Evoking more restful sleep patterns
  • Improve mental clarity, increasing your ability to focus
  • Balancing energy and vitality
  • Re-balancing Chakras and Energy systems of the body
  • Integrating & processing of emotions
  • DNA activation
  • Expanded awareness & enhancing enlightenment of consciousness 
  • Light body activation
  • Enhancing general wellbeing 

These sessions are available for individuals (1 practitioner) and couples (2 practitioners) .

1.5 Hour Sessions

$150 Individuals

$225 Couples

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Plato referred to sacred geometry as the language of the soul. For thousands of years, sacred geometry has been a part of every culture. It is the bond that connects us all to the cosmos; it is the true design of our soul. Sacred geometry is the blueprint of creation at the core of all form even at the core of you.