March 10, 2020

Enlightening Minds

‘Enlightening Minds’®

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We offer one FREE Brief consultations for Support, Advocacy & Referral Services  – By Appointment Only
(30 Min Interim Support Sessions)

  • Holistic Counselling- A unique approach of blending professional & lived experience; delivering evidence based conventional practices & alternate therapies & modalities.
  • Life coaching- Amber & Anthony can help you create your own personalised ‘HarmoniZe’ Wellness Development Plan – Copyright © “All Rights Reserved” ; by instilling confidence building techniques and life skills, while assisting in building resilience and a strong foundation of wellbeing; resulting in a more Balanced & Happier life.
  • Mentoring- With all of the above, where we can be that regular support and guidance on your path, just like that big brother or sister (or both) that you may be looking for. You get to choose the mentor-ship that is right for you.

At Foundation to Wellness we understand there is a need for some people to be able to reach out and get emotional support in a safe environment, where we pride ourselves on our values : Connection, Awareness, Empathy, Inclusiveness, Diversity, Collaboration, Gratitude.

Amber & Anthony are equipped to provide all services through Enlightening Minds, to see more about their Qualifications and Experience Click here…. 

Specialising and accommodating support for issues relating to; Mental Health, Suicide, Alcohol & Other Drugs & Other Addictions.

Counselling Sessions $80 Per Hour

Concession Card Holders $60

Anyone with financial difficulties, we can discuss other alternatives, determined by financial evaluation.

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