April 6, 2018

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Light Touch Somatic Energy Therapy™

Light Touch Somatic Energy Therapy, is a form of body work that incorporates light pressure micro-movements, holding points and gentle myofascial techniques.
Intuitively guided energy clearing and balancing methods are incorporated. Working with Sacred Geometry, the Chakra Systems, and Crystal Energy within the sessions.

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TranQuil Sound Therapy ©

We offer a range of options for your customised experience:

Positive Affirmation Journey with the Chakras

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Self Yogassage Therapy ©

Somatic Bodywork for stress & trauma.

  • These sessions are a tuition session facilitated for individuals or for pairs (couples, family, friends) with 1 facilitator.
  • Throughout the session you are taught and guided through a deeply healing & re-balancing somatic bodywork techniques where both yoga & self-massage modalities are integrated.
  • This therapy is specifically taught to you so you can use it at any time.

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Enlightening Minds ® – Holistic Counselling ~ Couples Guidance ~ Life Coaching / Mentoring

  • Support, Advocacy & Referral Services :
    Brief consultations 1st Session FREE By Appointment Only
    (20 Min Interim Support Sessions)
  • An in-depth and Holistic approach to your wellbeing with Holistic Counselling, Couples Guidance & Life Coaching/Mentoring.

    Supporting people dealing with any type of life issues or in need of some guidance and direction in their life.

    We specialise and can accommodate support for issues relating to; Mental Health, Suicide, Alcohol & Other Drugs & Other Addictions.

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Reiki –

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is a natural form of Energy work where hands are placed on or over areas of the body to promote feelings of wellbeing.

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FT Wellness Products
We also have a range of Wellness products available.

  • Therapeutic Essential Oil Blends
  • Hand Crafted Crystal Necklaces
  • Crystals – Raw – Points – Tumbled & other Products
  • Mindful Music & Meditation Products


We can also facilitate our programs for small groups at your home, work place, school, community centre etc.
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  • Educational Talks and Seminars