June 1, 2019

Mind Aware Program

‘Mind Aware – Mental Wellness Program’
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Program Launching in July 2019
Dates for these sessions T.B.A

This program contains approximately 4 hours of content.

Lets talk about the importance of creating Positive Mental Health in our community, encouraging people to speak up when they are in need and spotting the signs in others.

This program is designed to bring awareness about recognising some of the signs to look for when someone is struggling mentally and emotionally with every day life.

What are the signs to look for and how to best approach your Family, Friends or Work colleagues who may be struggling.

How to start the conversion about Mental Health and have connected meaningful discussions, that leave people feeling understood and supported, wanting to seek more help.

When someone who may be suicidal or in that space of despair, what is the best thing to say and do.

Learn how to connect those in crisis with the appropriate supports and services.

How to maintain your own mental health and support those close to you with their mental health, with useful tools and strategies.

Discover how to write a safety management plan for yourself or help others with their own plan.

What is mindfulness and how can it help us with our daily lives and when engaging with others. Learn some simple but effective mindful techniques and practices to enhance your daily life.

Learn Stress management , Anxiety management and Relaxation techniques to increase your Mental Wellbeing.

Meet the Facilitators –   Amber Van Haastrecht & Anthony Henry


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