November 11, 2019

LDAT – Programs

** Please Note Due to current world events**

Following Program changes: 

South Metro Media ( Moved to Online Conference meetings and  continual work with podcasting, vlogging etc.)

ReZonate Program – (Currently Suspended)

Strengthening Youth Through Culture – (Currently Suspended)

Foundation to Wellness are honoured to be the lead Organisation on the Rockingham / Kwinana 

LDAT2019 CAP – Connecting Rockingham & Kwinana Youth Communities – Breaking Down the Barriers

2020 CAP – 2020 Connected Rockingham & Kwinana Youth Communities

The Local Drug Action Team (LDAT) Program
supports Community-based action to work together in preventing and minimising harm from alcohol and other drugs.

The LDAT includes a number of partners including, federal & local government, organisations and community groups, together we will be working on providing a number of FREE Youth Programs for the areas of Rockingham and Kwinana to help increase the sense of connection to self and the community.

Four interactive and engaging Programs facilitated in a safe and inclusive environment are set to start in Term 4 this year; we are working with a group of local inspirational youth leaders to further develop their skills and connect them to local community.

The Rockingham-Kwinana LDAT will support the development of the following FREE programs and will be open to all youth aged 12-24 from the areas of Rockingham and Kwinana: