April 4, 2018


Due to current World Events aome of our Programs have been suspended with limited programs  ONLY available Online through ‘Zoom’ Video Conferencing. Please be patient as we work through this transition stage.

All our programs can be facilitated  for general community or staff professional development sessions.

As an Organisation we have designed our programs to promote and help strengthen Positive Mental & Emotional Wellbeing , Self-Care, Community Connection & Positive Relationships; while assisting with the prevention of Mental Health related issues, Suicide & Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) and Other Addiction related issues in our Community.

Focusing on learning positive self-worth, self-care, relaxation techniques, mindfulness, positive expression, confidence building techniques and life skills through engaging activities such as: Sound Therapy and Creative Music Therapy, Meditation, Mindfulness, Yoga, Positive spoken word Affirmations.

Assisting people to build resilience, a strong foundation for Mental & Emotional Wellbeing and a more Balanced & Happier life.

All our Programs can be customised to suit your organisation.

Our Wellness Programs


We can facilitate at your work place, school, community centre etc.
For organisations, Please Send us a Direct Message or Connect with Us for a Quote-