Mindful Music & Meditations

We offer a range of Mindful & Meditation music products; including affirmations, sound therapy, breathing exercises, mindfulness exercises and more…

‘By repeating positive affirmations daily, you are boosting your self-belief and improving your confidence.’

Affirmations will enhance your self-esteem and wellbeing and are infused with the harmonious and relaxing sounds of earthy instruments such as: The Sound Creation Earth Gong, Singing Bowls, Didgeridoos, Bells, Rainsticks, Drums and Synthesizers.

Additionally, added are Binaural and Solfeggio frequencies, these are a specific kind of sound that can shape your brain activity to boost your concentration, enhance your creativity, improve your mood and help balance self-awareness and emotions.

Sound Therapy can assist in alleviating stress, anxiety, depression and pain while enhancing general wellbeing and relaxation. Mediation is good in assisting in more clarity, increasing your ability to focus and may improve your quality of sleep.

Copyright Disclaimer: All sound recordings, videos, lyrics, poetry, and affirmations purchased on this site are for the sole purpose of Personal Use Only upon purchase. You are permitted to purchase and reproduce copies of your product for your own use. You are Not permitted to distribute this content or provide copies to others. If you require a licence to distribute, stream or use this material in a commercial or professional environment, you can CONNECT WITH US about licencing options.

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