Handcrafted Macrame Crystal Keepers

We have a range of hand crafted Macrame Crystal Keepers made from hemp twine and clay beads.
If you are looking for something in particular or see something you like but want to change it slightly just connect with us to find out how we can accommodate you.
We can also custom make a keeper to suite your piece. (Double Crystal Keepers also available)

We also have a range of Premium Hand Crafted Crystal Necklaces, these are unique, hand made pieces with no two pieces the same.
We have a range of vintage & antique Copper, Stainless Steel & Stirling Silver wired; ‘A’ grade crystal pieces; with a range of necklaces ranging from hand made neoprene, polyester & Hemp cord, copper, stainless steel, rose gold mixed with copper & sterling silver.

We can also custom make your piece to suit and will attempt to source specific crystals from our wholesalers.

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