June 13, 2019

About Our Values


  • Connection – We promote and instill connection to self and others as we believe connectedness generates a positive energy cycle of social, emotional and physical well-being. We focus on the ability to have strong connecting; positive & respectful relationships within our community.

  • Awareness – We strive to Increase people’s self-awareness and understanding of others around them. With the purpose to provide knowledge and insight into tools, strategies and resources to help maintain positive spiritual, emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

  • Empathy – We prides ourselves on showing empathy and compassion, building a genuine heart centred connection with each and every person we engage with throughout our business and personal interactions within our community.

  • Inclusiveness – We approach all our interactions with people in an open minded and inclusive manner. We provide a safe space for people to openly discuss their lives and challenges with the emphasis of showing no judgement on their situation or life choices.

  • Diversity – We embrace diversity by accepting others cultures, beliefs and backgrounds with respect. We display the willingness to understand each and everyone’s individuality and uniqueness, we endeavour to break down the barriers between our diverse community.

  • Gratitude – We are thankful for all the opportunities and challenges that arise from day to day within our business. We deal with theses in a positive way, always looking for strengths and strategies that can help us to evolve. We consistent display gratitude and kindness to all the people we have interaction with. We encourage others to recognise and appreciate how important gratitude can be for their happiness and wellbeing.